Virtual reality pornography is becoming quite popular, although porn in VR is a relatively new concept, fans all around the world are fast becoming enamored of the idea following the wide range of options in erotic excitement it offers.

Shemale porn – also known as trans porn – on the other hand is a concept that isn’t exactly new, but does not get enough attention even among regular porn sites. Many sites have various genre adverts on their home pages but very few actually put any real effort into advertising the trans genre. This may be due to the fact that the topic is quite controversial among people in general. Some believe having a trans genre in pornography makes trans folks feel “objectified” and is as such an insult. Also, the porn industry caters little for female audience which is a surprise, given the current statistics. In America alone, over 12 million American women watch online porn at least once in a month.

Another setback for transvr porn is the general lack of content variety on VR websites. Owing to the fact that virtual reality is new in the porn market, there hasn’t been much in terms of regular genre diversity, least of all the shemale category. Although, certain transvr sites devoted solely to the trans genre have surfaced, most do not have any real exciting content, at least not in any large number compared with genres like; fingering, Asian, homemade, amateur porn… and so on. Among the best transvr porn sites are;,, etc where has the most number of content with just over 75 videos but which of course comes at a steep price.

Among the multitude of porn genres, the Trans genre is among the most fascinating. With the steady increase in pornographic content on the internet, it becomes imperative that trans lovers should look for more spicy content on this genre.